Photo by:   Wylde Photography


  • In fresh green juice + deep green smoothies.

  • Sunflower greens (also known as sprouts) are golden.

  • In the sheer lusciousness of dairy-free milks (almond, brazil nut, fresh coconut, hemp, pistachio).

  • An avocado with a dusting of sea salt + sprinkle of lemon is deeply satisfying.

  • That supplementation is never a replacement for a nutrient-dense diet.

  • The body’s main function is to rejuvenate itself.

  • That epigenetics is real and affects DNA expression.

  • In practical m a g i c.

  • You can still be a hippie + wear Chanel.

  • We vote with every dollar that we spend.

  • In regular bending, stretching, and bouncing.

  • In cultivating kindness on a consistent basis.

  • In the term Energy ‘Facilitator’ as opposed to ‘Healer’.

  • Laughter heals.

  • In free will AND destiny (also, I believe in polarity).

  • Fortune Favors the Bold.

  • That life extension + bio-hacking works best in a clean(er) celled body.

  • You can effectively be Practical + a Dreamer at the same time.

  • The true guru is found within.

  • In ALCHEMY /alkəmē/ a seemingly magical process of transformation of matter or creation.

  • Visual beauty is therapy.

  • EVERYTHING is CONNECTED on this planet.

  • The future is female.

  • In leading with LOVE.


Hometown: Manhattan

Favorite Indulgence: All luxurious + chemical-free spa treatments.

#1 Anti-Aging: Gravity Centered Colonics along w/ clean eating and substantial rest.

All-time Fave Green Juice Recipe: Swan Greens 

Chill-out Trick: 30-seconds of deep breathing truly works wonders. Adding-in Bergamot or Rose Geranium blend from Floracopeia Essential Oils is frosting on the cake...

Top 8 Beauty Practices:
Eat CLEAN + GREEN : Green plants increase the glow factor.
HYDRATE : Good for the complexion.
OXYGENATE : Oxygen = radiance.
ELIMINATE : Consistent removal of undigested food (we all have some) elevates.
MEDITATE : Transcendental Meditation (also known as TM) is my go-to practice.
SWEAT : Beauty emerges after sweating out toxicity.
SLEEP : Regenerating and good for the complexion.
LAUGH :  “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the face.” ~Victor Hugo

Most Recent Fave Beauty + Health Obsession: Cryotherapy treatments at Vitality NYC.

Oasis in the City: My apartment; I lovingly refer to it as the nest.

Food I Can’t Live Without: Fresh Figs

Item I Can’t Live Without: Any kind of Camera.

Desired Travel: The Maldives, Musha Cay + the Mediterranean.

(fresh)Juice or Smoothie: I love BOTH and will never choose.

Coffee or Tea: Herbal Tea-my new favorite is a wild Swiss blend.

Sparkling or Still Water: Still (bubbles make us puffy).

Beach or Mountains: Both are equally dreamy to me if it's a snowy mountain.

Bath or Shower: Bath with salts, essential oils, + candles, obviously. 

Run or Yoga: Run (ok, Jog. ok, none). 

Sauna or Steam: Infrared Sauna all the way.

Biggest Dream: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix