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THE FOUR REASONS | A three-day weekend retreat that will focus on Four Core Principles and how they all connect:


IQ - Intelligence Quotient
EQ - Emotional Quotient
AQ - Adaptability Quotient
SQ - Spirit Quotient



At an Exclusive Private Residence
Jan x-Jan x 2019
Led by Jamel Davenport + Meredith Geller

Image Credit: Nikita Kachanovsky

Image Credit: Nikita Kachanovsky


GUESTS | The Four Reasons is an exclusive, intimate, and customized experience.

There are spots for 5 guests per retreat.

During the retreat, the schedule allows for group activities + 1:1 breakthrough sessions with each Jamel and Meredith to dive deeper into what you want to gain from the weekend and how to bring it all forward into your life. The program also encourages freedom in the schedule; think of the Four Reasons retreat like Thanksgiving weekend with family you love spending time with…

What’s Included

  • Group Coaching on the topics of IQ, EQ, AQ, SQ and how they all weave together.

  • 1:1 Coaching Session with Jamel Davenport

  • 1:1 Coaching Session with Meredith Geller

  • Daily Hikes

  • 1 Massage (booked prior to arrival)

  • Rest + Relaxation

  • Time to (re)connect with Nature

TRANSPORTATION | All guests are picked up upon arrival and dropped off at ATL airport.


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MEALS | Friday, Saturday, Sunday (AM)

  • All meals are curated by Meredith Geller and made fresh daily by a wonderful chef.

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are included. Wine will be served on Friday + Saturday evenings.

  • Produce will be organic, local, and season, when possible.

  • Meredith will spontaneously be in the kitchen over the weekend and make various simple + delicious recipes. All guests welcome to join in and learn.

  • Dietary Restrictions: We will accommodate as best we can (please make sure alert us in your intake form).

COST | $5,000

What’s Not Included

  • Airfare

  • Travel Expenses

  • Meals and alcohol outside of retreat


For 3 days, take a break from your everyday life to

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Jamel Davenport

Jamel Davenport is a life coach, teacher, public speaker, and entrepreneur. There is a sense of awe and magic when working with Jamel. From the very first meeting, a transformation in one’s thinking happens. Once clients are able to shift their view of pain into purpose and profit, they are then able to up-level their whole perspective on life and experience deeply impactful results. Beyond their own perceived limits.


Meredith Geller

Meredith Geller, HHC, is an expander, a holistic nutrition consultant on a mission to break down the walls that constrict our view of nourishment. Nutrients abound in nature and in Meredith’s luminous world, the first step towards radiant health is to place ourselves amidst those elements. To drink in sunshine, salt, and earth is as vital to our wellbeing as a thoughtful meal. But this comes with no shortage of knowledge on what, when, and how to eat. Meredith’s years of experience advising private clients and private chefs fuels her understanding of both the universality of creating optimal health and our need, at times, to customize. Her truly holistic approach coupled with a focus on gut health, plant foods, optimal digestion, and a common sense method rings true with everyone she works with.