★  Waking up every morning and walking into your bright, beautiful kitchen knowing that you have the most delicious breakfast ingredients on-hand already. Ingredients that make you feel amazing.

★  Feeling confident that your "healthy" pantry ingredients are in fact healthy.

★ Being totally up-to-date on what's new in the health food world and having an insider's point of view guiding the way. 

★ Creating the tastiest treats for yourself, your spouse or significant other, your family, your friends that are not only delicious but actually good for you as well.

★ Saving time scouring the internet for the latest health products + trends and instead using that time for actually living your life!


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Hey, I'm Meredith

I'm a wellness curator, nutrition maven, and your healthy lifestyle resource. I help you elevate your life by streamlining your pantry ingredients. As a holistic nutrition consultant and clean living expert, I'm in love with finding practices and products that promote the sparkle. Since 2005, I’ve been tasting, testing, and vetting the very best organic food companies, supplement brands, herbal remedies, tonics, green juices, and beyond — all in an effort to put life-generating nutrients into my body and yours.



I’ve spent over two decades, both personally and professionally, exploring the vast terrain of the wellness world and have discovered when it comes to what we eat, there are two foundational ingredients :

★  Working with a trusted practitioner who understands there are numerous ways of achieving vitality.
★  Integrating the highest quality pantry provisions.

I know change can feel intimidating, especially when it comes to nutritionBut it’s also possible for those changes to feel seamless. I’m here to show you how it’s done with ease and delight.



I Want You to RADIATE
from the Inside OuT


Consulting with people around the world, I've noticed there's always been one recurring theme in my work with others:

★  I’m deeply invested in giving people easy access to the purest, most health-sustaining, and potent ingestible products.

With so many imposters out there, it's incredibly rewarding for me to find the real-deal: clean produce, herbs, elixirs, tonics, and products that profoundly enhance your well-being.

Whether you're looking for the richest cacao powder or the most magical sleep inducing potion or ANYTHING in-between, my archive of constantly updated products is designed to be your ultimate resource.





The Pantry Cure is a simple yet powerful session where the most delicious, nutrient-dense food is added to your shelves and the unhealthy 'fake' food is removed. Don't worry. You can still keep a stash of the "dirty" stuff. With your preferences in mind, I curate a dream collection of staples for you to always have on hand. Eating clean then becomes effortless and remains delectable.


The El•e•vated Cure is the 2.0 version of The Pantry Cure, and takes it all to the next level. Want to elevate your life? Feel measurably better, have more energy, experience more joy, lose weight, lose the baby weight, clear up your skin, heal digestive issues, learn the hacks of how to eat on the go, while out to dinner, and while traveling? The Pantry Cure is just the beginning. Then we dive into the rest...all delivered in easy, digestible sessions.





“Meredith is a pleasure to work with. She has a very non-judgmental way of working with clients, which put me at ease immediately. Her vast knowledge of food and how it affects the body is invaluable. The information she provided motivates me to follow the program that she created, which has been extremely easy to understand and follow. I am excited to have her on my health team.”

— Craig S.