I know. There’s no shortage of incredibly wise, informed, intelligent, and valuable health information on the internet these days.

So why am I starting a blog now?

I have been working in the holistic health and wellness industry for over 10 years. And in each passing year, I’d inevitably receive the request, which happened on the regular, “Will you please start your own blog already?”

To which of course I would whole-heartedly respond with a resounding, “YES! I AM starting a blog. Totally.” 
And then it just never materialized. 
Until today. 

So, here I am...finally. Collecting and sharing all of my favorites in one place. For you. So you will be able to access with ease the items I’ve found that truly enhance our wellbeing. Because I deeply care about your elevation in whatever form that takes.

I’m a perennial shopper. What can I say? I grew up in New York City. Most of us indigenous Manhattan-ites are unofficial professional shoppers by nature (or nurture, really). So I’ve turned my love of buying clothing and accessories to love of finding the best of everything in wellness (without entirely abandoning the former, of course). I learned a long time ago that there’s power where we spend our dollars and I want the companies that are doing good for us and the planet to remain alive and thriving.

What you will find here are my favorite produce picks, food ingredients, whole food supplements, herbs, elixirs, tinctures, organic products, favorite recipes, the occasional go-to wellness tips, resources, and some fun videos (coming soon)! I have no affiliations (yet) with anything I am recommending here. In the future when I do create affiliations, you will be the first to know. Transparency is everything.

For those who discover this content as being new, I’ve done my job. For those who already know about what I am sharing, to me it’s all worth highlighting again and strengthening this movement of clean eating, healthy living, and such. There’s always more power in the repetition and expansion.

Thank you for stopping by and I so look forward to sharing my finds and insights with you.
xo Meredith


Living in New York City’s concrete jungle is exhilarating, challenging, joyful, stressful, and often leaves little time leftover for making our own healthy meals. New Yorkers strive for the best of everything. We are inventive and we make stuff happen here.

We also love delivery...

So you don’t have time to prepare organic, nutritious meals for yourself and/or your family? No problem. There are a handful of companies that have figured it all out for you and provide an array of healthy options. Easily accessible with as little as a few clicks on your computer.

Full disclosure: I have not personally taste-tested all of the following companies’ meals but have heard from my trusted resources that they are each in fact delicious, sourced responsibly, nutritionally balanced, and free from all the “stuff”.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments; I always love feedback! 




  • DAILY HARVEST : Breakfast and lunch/snack options in the form of smoothies + chia parfaits + overnight oats + soups. They use new flash frozen technology used for peak nutrient density levels. 
  • PURPLE CARROT : Pre-measured meals along with recipes arrive at your doorstep. Ingredients are sourced from farmers and food makers. You can cook the meals in 40-minutes or less.
  • SAKARA LIFE : 100% plant-based, organic, gluten-free, and pre-made meals are ready to eat upon arrival. Or saved for later.
  • 22 DAYS : 100% Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and Non-GMO ingredients.


  • DIG INN : Seasonal, farm fresh, clean food for lunch or dinner.
  • LOCANUT : 100% Organic, local, seasonal, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, grain-free pre-made meals. I love this one because of the variety of meals offered and the fact that they only use olive oil, coconut oil, and grass-fed butter when cooking. 
  • PROVENANCE : 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, local, seasonal ingredients used for each meal, and no refined sugar included. Clean, ethically sourced animal protein – vegan options available. 
  • GREEN CHEF : USDA Organic, farm-fresh, responsibly sourced, vegan-omnivore options, ingredients delivered to your doorstep with chef- created recipes to follow.



I used to eat bread. Often. I grew up making mustard sandwiches (yep, that’s mustard on bread), eating NYC-deli sandwiches, bagels galore (I mean, obviously) with cream cheese or eggs + ham or tuna salad or turkey or whitefish salad or with just cucumber, tomato, salt and pepper. While living in San Francisco after college, I would buy the traditional Italian sandwiches in our neighborhood that used that delightful, crusty bread. And of course I’d eat the toasted 7-grain veggie-stuffed sandwiches from our local health food store, too. I liked all varieties of bread...

I stopped eating wheat and gluten in the year 2000 for health reasons and have rarely eaten it since. I don’t miss it. I promise. And I don’t shame anyone else for eating it. Mazel and enjoy if that’s what you choose. I am the last one to judge you. I was recently out with a friend and she ordered a sandwich on that crusty, amazing bread. In this stage of the game, I am so way past the point of craving something like that and happily appreciated watching her enjoy the meal.

What does turn me on though are wraps that are wheat and gluten-free and filled with vibrant, plant-based goodness. One of my favorite bread-free alternative wraps these days is from a company called WrawPs. The original flavor is my go-to. WrawPs are wheat-free, gluten-free, paleo, raw (dehydrated to retain the nutritional value) and vegan. Pictured was a recipe I recently made for my beloved clients while working with them in Switzerland. I stuffed the WrawPs with a bean-free, zucchini-based hummus, tons of raw veggies, and soft mache greens. It was delicious and as satisfying as any other conventional sandwich out there. 

Except way healthier.


Photo by michelle pesce goldfarb

Photo by michelle pesce goldfarb

Many years ago my dear friend, Adina Niemerow, who lived in San Francisco at the time, flew to NYC for 6- months to study at The Natural Gourmet (with THE Anne Marie Colbin) and refine her skills as a whole foods chef. Adina was a major early adopter. We are talking way before kale and juicing and even yoga and social media and blogging became a thing. We are talking before the year 2000!

I was one of her biggest fans and had been already for several years. I loved how she used food as medicine. I was fascinated with the nutritional aspect of a fresh green juice. I wanted to know more about the energy of plants. All things she had been digesting, seeking, incorporating, testing, and implementing.

But I wasn’t ready (to work in holistic health) just yet. I apparently still needed to log more time in the fashion industry and then go into the real estate business for a hot minute. So for the time being, Adina lived with me while she went to school and I lived vicariously through her. And got to eat a lot of her homework. When she graduated, she obviously went back to the West Coast to continue her illustrious career. But before taking off, she left something behind, a Wusthof 8-inch Cook’s Knife. 

To this day, I am unsure if she left it on purpose to inspire me or if she just plum forgot it (note to self: call Adina and inquire). Either way, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I started using it. Cut to 2008, I was a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for 2 years already and was setting up a little photo shoot for what was then my first website. I needed a knife for one of the shots. My trusty Wusthof was looking a little worn at this point.

So I dashed out and bought a Global Knife upon the suggestion of a chef friend. It was perfect for the shoot and I’ve used it almost daily ever since. It is stainless steel, sharp, strong, lightweight, and beautiful in design.

I highly recommend getting at least one or a set. A sharp knife literally takes the experience of your time in the kitchen from fair to amazing! Global Knives are listed in The Pantry Cure Foundation Kitchen Appliance PDF I give to my clients.

Having the right foundational kitchen appliances is absolutely essential for optimal health. 

Happy chopping!



You know you want it. A big slice (or two) of that rainbow layer cake. Personally, it’s not something that I am drawn to anymore (the white sugar, white flour, dairy thing) but I totally get it.

When in Rome (meaning, in Europe and with my beloved clients/friends), I’ve been known to indulge in meals that I typically won’t touch in America. The food and the ingredients are just cleaner over there. But that topic will be saved for another post, another day.

So back to the cake. There were about twelve (yes, you read it correctly) gourmet birthday cakes on the table that afternoon for the beautiful birthday girl who was turning 9 years old, the rainbow cake being one of them. And with a very gentle nudge from my client/friend to, “Just try them!”, I did. Bites of each one in fact. Felt no guilt. Just enjoyment. Honestly though, there are so many truly healthy desserts on the market these days that it makes it easy to eat sweet, skip the fake rainbow food, and remain in the healthy zone satiated. Without deprivation. No willpower required.

One of my favorite treats is made by a brilliant company called JEM Organic. They use ingredients that are 100% USDA certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, sprouted, and stone ground. Jem Organic has a line of insanely decadent, sweet nut-based butters that are good enough to eat with a spoon, literally. Or warmed up a little and drizzled over your favorite dairy-free ice cream. The Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is my go-to.

I promise you, it’s sublime and as good as any rainbow layer cake. But better because it only contains FOUR clean ingredients.

That’s my kind of food product.