Transform the Contents of Your Kitchen


★  Do you stand in front of the grocery aisle in your favorite health food store staring at a cereal box for twenty-minutes and then walk out with nothing because you are too confused?

★  Do you often find yourself wondering which dairy-free milk is the healthiest?

★  Is trying to figure out the difference between gluten-free vs. wheat-free giving you a headache

★  Is there a vegan mayo out there that's clean and also tastes good?

★  Do you ever wonder what’s really in your mustard or BBQ sauce?

★  Or even consider that your honey may not have even one ounce of real honey in it?


So many questions –

who has the time or energy to find out the answers?


No need to fret any longer.
I will steer you in the right direction.

I will educate you. I will make you a list.
It will all be streamlined. Turn Key. Simple.





The Pantry Cure is a simple yet powerful session where the most delicious, nutrient-dense food is added to your shelves and the unhealthy 'fake' food is removed. Don't worry. You can still keep a stash of the "dirty" stuff. With your preferences in mind, I curate a dream collection of staples for you to always have on hand. Eating clean then becomes effortless and remains delectable.



The El•e•vated Cure is the 2.0 version of The Pantry Cure, taking it all to the next level. Want to elevate your life? Feel measurably better, have more energy, experience more joy, lose weight, lose the baby weight, clear up your skin, heal digestive issues, learn the hacks of how to eat on-the-go, while out to dinner, and while traveling? The Pantry Cure is just the beginning. Then we dive into the rest...all delivered in easy, digestible sessions.



Ask Me Anything  •  30 Minute Call  •  $150
10+ years in, I know a few things about wellness... Ask me anything about holistic nutrition, fasting, cleansing + detox, supplements, food combining, about my favorite herbs, my favorite healthy restaurant options in NYC | Miami | L.A. | San Francisco | London | Paris, weight loss strategies, how to decrease inflammation, why alkalinity is crucial to health, or whatever else is on your mind.


*A great option for those who have a few questions and are looking for a less comprehensive session/program.