“Meredith's holistic approach coupled with her focus on gut health, plant foods, cleansing and optimal digestion rings true for us at Cap Beauty. And so we've teamed up with Meredith to offer a new monthly column, Ask The Nutritionist. You ask, Meredith answers.”


What Kind of Milk Should You Be Drinking, Clean-Eating Guide, 4 Healthier Cooking Ingredients To Stock Up On, The Ultimate Guide To Holistic Beauty, Hangover Remedies and more!


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Meredith contributed to Chapter Seven | EAT of Stacey Griffith’s book, Two Turns From Zero (pg. 217-245). Inspiration abounds.


“The first month of each year brings new energy, hope, excitement even, and provides the opportunity to clean the slate and begin again (even though in reality we have this chance every single day of our lives).” Follow the links below and learn – How You Can Achieve Health From The Inside Out.


“Parties, celebration, alcohol, festive food, more alcohol, and an abundance of holiday cheer. How does one navigate through these next few months in regards to our increased alcohol consumption? The good news: It’s actually possible to glide through party season, continuing to sparkle, and glow all the way into the New Year with the help of these natural hangover remedies.”


Meredith visits Rachel Hayes of Pretty Impressed and shows her how to make some healthy, delicious smoothie recipes for her kids with the Nutribullet. She whipped up a rich, delicious Chocolate Peppermint Smoothie – to help wean little sugar addicts off of the hard stuff + a Tropical Citrus Smoothie that sneaks in some vegetables.