As a holistic nutrition consultant, I’ve trained with world-renowned health leaders over the years and have worked with hundreds of clients along the way.

My curiosity about holistic living started in my early twenties while living in San Francisco. I explored health food stores, farmer’s markets, and various forms of energy healing. I found myself gravitating towards people who were in the realm of holistic health, either working in it, studying it, or just living it.

After moving back to NYC, I joined the fashion industry where I reveled in my creative surroundings and first learned the art of curation. As an assistant accessories editor at Elle Magazine, my job was to hunt for cutting-edge trends and distinguish good taste from inferior advice. 

In the years since, I've applied my skill of discovering the best in fashion to discovering the best in wellness. 

I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition schoolto learn from the some of the most prominent and progressive leaders in the health world. While in the program, I was reminded of my fascination with the concepts of detoxification and how cleansing promoted healing, cell and tissue rejuvenation, and life extension. It was something I had been drawn to years earlier. After graduating, I decided to fine tune my expertise in the world of cleansing by completing additional coursework at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in 2007 and the Rose Advanced Detoxification Program in 2008. I attribute the foundation of my cleansing knowledge to my mentor and friend, Gil Jacobs, the master of deep tissue detoxification and extreme healthy living who has an absolute encyclopedia-type knowledge base of the human body and its functionality.


Now armed with many years of training and experience, I'm on a mission to bring my ever-growing collection of approved products to you because I believe everyone is worthy of experiencing undeniable health without all of the guesswork.



I've been privileged to work with private clients, juice bars, and chefs in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, designing cleansing programs, tailoring food plans, teaching holistic living practices,
and creating recipes for start-up development. 

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• Elevating my beloved clients through food and lifestyle practices across the U.S. and internationally.

• The Butcher's Daughter
(2012) -Developing the company's cleansing program with the founder.
• Fat Sick and Nearly Dead team/ Joe Cross (2010) - Creating all nutrition content for the first version of their online platform Reboot, several times led 70+ people through their a research-based cleansing program.
• Lucky You Juice Juice Cleanse (2010) - Writing cleansing and nutrition online content for their Sydney, Australia-based program.
• Organic Avenue (2007-2009) - Overseeing and supporting all in-house clients on the L.O.V.E. Cleanse Program (including comprehensive individual sessions with concrete steps to help others sustainably transition into a healthier lifestyle), working alongside the chef to create new cleansing plans for the company and inspire new recipes, fostering affiliations to sell Organic Avenue- branded products, organizing nutrition-based events and lectures to further educate the customer base.

• Curating + producing specialized healthy menu and cleansing plans with my client's private chefs while teaching them how to create recipes and upgrading the ingredients they use. Re-stocking pantries with nutrient-dense and clean ingredients. Introducing new brands and types of kitchen appliances.
• Family menu planning; teaching clients' nannies how to incorporate new ingredients and healthier recipes for the children.

• (2013) Creating over 40 plant-based recipes for a juice bar start-up with colleague + friend, Chef Peter Cervoni.

• (2016) As the Nutrition contributor of Two Turns From Zero, Master SoulCycle instructor Stacey Griffith's latest memoir.


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