Your answer to eating cleaner
at home. 



  • Quiz to help you find your best food plan
  • Customized Pantry Cure Shopping List
  • ‘Where to Buy’ resource list (for NYC residents only)
  • Seasonal Fruit + Veggies Lists
  • Clean 15 + Dirty "Baker's" Dozen Lists : When it comes to produce, learn what is safest + what is most contaminated.
  • Food Plan | Meal Suggestions
  • Foundational Kitchen Appliance List
  • Cooking Time Saver Tips
  • The Pantry Cure Stock : I will fill your pantry for the first time with all of the dry ingredients on your Customized Pantry Cure Shopping List. This service is included once and for NYC residents only.

* Cost of food is not included.



In-Person Session |
2 hours

Skype or FaceTime Session |
1 hour

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