I feel good about my food choices + I want you to as well.

First and foremost, it is never lost on me that when we have freedom to choose what we want to eat, we are incredibly fortunate. As you know, there are many parts of the United States as well as across the world that deal with food insecurity, hunger, and starvation on a daily basis.

Injecting a little perspective here.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have choices, cleaning up the diet can be a challenge. Not only are we up against the physical aspect (you’ve detoxed from sugar or coffee in the past, you know what I’m referring to), there’s also strong emotional and social components that can be tricky to navigate.

What we eat (or don’t eat!!) can be way controversial amongst our family, friends, and peer groups. Since everyone has a body and everyone eats, everyone also tends to think that they are somewhat of an expert on what others are eating, too.

There’s a lot of conscious and unconscious shaming and projection that happens. And it can get kind of ugly even though most often things are said with innocence.

I am here to remind you:

  • Eat however makes you feel good.

  • Resist peer pressure to eat something you simply do not want to.

Once your internal knowing switches on full force and is the loudest voice in your head, all meals will be easy to navigate, no matter what…

And thankfully, many inventive clean food companies have sprouted over the last 10 years making it all a lot easier.


I love corn chips. Corn chips do not love me.

I actually have physical and emotional reactions to corn. Corn makes me sad. As in, literally.
I wake up the next day after eating something corn-based and feel sad for no apparent reason. Sometimes I get weird hives, feel extra foggy and experience general malaise, too.

Five years ago, I had food allergy testing done by a naturopath whom I trusted. As a practitioner myself, I know this data isn’t foolproof. And that food sensitivities and allergies can shift over time. But regardless, I love having the data. And the results were crystal clear on that test. Staggering, off the charts, never eat corn again results.

It made sense due to how I felt after eating corn.

*NOTE: Corn is an allergen and gut irritant for many people in the U.S. More on that topic another time.

Thank goodness there are brands like Siete on the market. Now I never need to eat (or be tempted by) another corn chip ever again!

Check them out for grain-free, soy-free, everything-free tortilla chips, tortilla wraps, and hot sauce!  Truly delicious. Trust me. Everyone loves Siete.


Will leave on a final note:
Eating together is a very important aspect of health.
We are wired for community.
Yet we don't have to all be eating the same thing.
Be gentle on yourself and others…

Wishing everyone peace during their mealtimes.