My work with others is all about ELEVATION.
Yes, I started my blog, The Provisions, with the intention of highlighting clean ingredients. And there will be more posts on clean ingredients, of course. However, I am taking a slight important detour with the topic of Blue Light Reduction, a topic that can affect our elevation or lack thereof dramatically. I began learning about the dangerous effects of blue light exposure many years ago and since then have been subtly sharing ways in which we can protect ourselves. Towards the end of this past summer though I dialed in, educating myself on the latest hacks in this arena, and shared updated information individually with clients, friends, family, and basically anyone who would listen. I was inspired to then write it all down and offer step-by-step instructions on how to reduce this toxicity, which we are all ferociously exposed to on a daily basis.

Hence, this three-part blog series emerged. 

I will be posting Part Two and Part Three soon (hint: EMF protecting devices, safer replacements for LED "junk light" with halogen and incandescent bulbs, how to use the airplane mode hack properly, baby monitors, and more...).

I truly hope you find the following information compelling enough to start implementing my recommendations.
This information is especially critical for children.


Are you Blue Light "green" (have no idea what the hell I am referring to)?

Or have you heard bits and pieces about the downside of blue light exposure?

Have you learned the ins and outs but still haven't gotten around to protecting yourself?

Please read on...

Exposure to artificial light is a modern day issue.
Our ancestors rose with the sun and were asleep by nightfall, which is perfectly aligned with our innate circadian rhythm (the body's internal clock). They also didn't have iPhones.
Just over 30 years ago, a Harvard researcher proved that spectrums of light control the body's circadian rhythm. 
What we now know is that blue light aka "junk light" is the killer.

Blue Light is part of the visible light spectrum and reaches deeper into the eye. However, our eyes are not equipped to block this level of light in the evening (especially) and has damaging cumulative effects.

Artificial or "junk light" was introduced in the early 60s in the form of LED lights, which emit this damaging blue light. Compact fluorescent light bulbs radiate more blue light, too.

Plus, with the recent invention of smartphones and computers, we are increasingly exposed to high levels of blue light, notably in the evening when ideally we want to avoid blue light exposure completely. 

The main BLUE LIGHT EXPOSURE hazards to be aware of are:

  • Sleep disruption (suppressed melatonin production)

  • Brain inflammation

  • Macular degeneration

  • Decreased energy and productivity

  • Weight gain

  • Various illnesses and imbalances

Still not convinced? Click on this --> Harvard Medical School 

photographer unknown

photographer unknown

1. Add iristech.co to your desktop computers + laptops.
2. Use blue blocking glasses (during the day + night).
3. Adjust the settings on your iPhone and iPad (all 'HOW TO' information found below)...

The following instructions may seem like a lot, but I’ve pared it all down to make it as easy as possible for you and will take very little time to implement.

Giving props to Matt Maruca of Ra Optics who shared most of the following tips with me. 


PHOTO BY:  raoptics.io

PHOTO BY: raoptics.io

I recommend buying glasses from Ra Optics.
Use my coupon code: MGElevate to receive 15% off your first order.

Matt’s lenses are superb. If you have been up on this blue light reduction topic, I’m sure you’ve spotted various blue blocking glasses on the market. Some do not deliver the amount of protection they claim to. But Ra Optics is the real deal. And the customization aspect is what hooked me...

Matt offers a selection of eight lovely frames to choose from…(I’ve seen other companies offer 1-4 options, at most) and provides yet another unique service: Matt will take ANY frame and add his custom lenses.
Have a prescription? No problem. He will tint those, too!

For convenience, Matt lists a few different sites to order from directly on his site OR head on over to Warby Parker, Oliver Peoples, whatever floats your boat, buy the frames you love, and send them to Matt!
He will ship them back to you with Dr. Jack Kruse approved blue blocking lenses! 

  • DAY + NIGHT glasses
    Ideally, you will have the day version (amber lenses) + night version (red lenses).

It is only possible to tint CR-39 lens material with no anti-reflective coatings. Not to worry though, as most lenses are CR-39 and if not, easily obtained by the store you are purchasing from. 

iPHONE + iPad

PHOTO BY: torsten dettlaff

PHOTO BY: torsten dettlaff


Keep this in mind: YOUR EYES WILL ADJUST to the updates you are making to the reduced white point, red color tint (the night filter), and the amber hue. However, until then, do not set the levels too low. Straining and squinting is not advised. Give your beautiful eyes a chance to heal and regain strength. Then you will be able to use the low(er) light settings with ease.


  • STEP | one

    Many people use Night Shift in the evening. However, I have Night Shift on 23hr 59min for increased protection. There are 2 steps in this section:

    • Go to:
      - Settings
      - Display & Brightness
      - Night Shift
      - Scheduled
      - (choose) From 12:00 PM To 11:59 AM
      -COLOR TEMPERATURE (at the bottom)
      -Set to MORE WARM (scroll all the way to the right for the warmest and safest tint).

  • STEP | two

    • Got to:
      - Settings
      - Accessibility
      - Display Accommodations
      - Reduce White Point (option at the bottom): I have mine set to 86%, which is quite yellow. Play around and see what is comfortable for you.
      NOTE: Your eyes will become stronger again and adjust to darker, more yellow tones.

  • STEP | three
    Swipe up on the home screen and adjust brightness as needed (TIP: I am constantly adjusting this depending on whether I am indoors or outdoors).

      – The colors in your pictures will be affected after turning on the above features.
      – If you are active on social media and taking/uploading pics, simply disable Night Shift and White Point temporarily. Remember though that the less you are staring at blue light, the better.

      – I will often disable Night Shift and raise the (regular) brightness when I am outside, especially when it is bright and sunny. Otherwise, I won’t be able to see much of anything on my phone. The natural light will offset some of the negative effects. Make sure when you are going back indoors, to revert settings.
      – This may all seem like a pain in the ass but it literally takes 2 seconds and the positive effects far outweigh the slight effort.


  • STEP | one

    • Go to:
      - Settings
      - General
      - Accessibility
      - Display Accommodations
      - Color Filters (turn on)
      - Color Tint
      YES, your screen will turn red. Adjust brightness or color temperature in NIGHT SHIFT (more warm/less warm), as desired. This red tint is brain protective. Use it!

  • STEP | two

    There is a way to create a shortcut so that you can triple tap your home button and turn on the NIGHT TIME color filter (red) with ease rather than having to go through all the steps written above.
    Tap, tap, tap...and Night Shift protection is ON.

    • Go to:
      - Settings
      - General
      - Accessibility Shortcut (at very bottom)
      - Choose: Color Filters + Reduce White Point + whatever else you want to add (you get 3)
      NOTE | (reminder about eye straining)
      Initially, it might be challenging to see your screen this dark and red-tinted. Adjust brightness until you can see your phone so you aren’t squinting and further straining your eyes.


photographer unknown

photographer unknown

  • STEP | one
    Download Irishtech Software for Eye Protection (Windows, OSX & Linus).
    Iristech is an amazing program that goes beyond what f.lux offers. There are nine filters to choose from PLUS a bunch of other great features. I have mine set to HEALTH and I also adjust the kelvins further in Settings:
    – Go to your Iristech icon
    – Mode (set to Manual)
    – Go to Settings
    – Blue light (adjust Day Light and Night Light, as desired)
    – Save and close each time

      We want to stay within the safest range of Kelvin (color temperature):
      DURING THE DAY: 2000k-2300k
      AT NIGHT: 1200k-1300k, at most (the darker, the better)
      I am constantly adjusting this in Settings. As my eyes have healed and gotten stronger from exposure to blue light for many years, I can see the lower Kelvin levels with ease. It's amazing!

  • STEP | two
    In addition to the Iristech filter protection, wear your blue blocking glasses. It is ideal to have the day version (amber lenses) and the night version (red lenses). Iristech alone is not enough blue light protection.