I used to eat bread. Often. I grew up making mustard sandwiches (yep, that’s mustard on bread), eating NYC-deli sandwiches, bagels galore (I mean, obviously) with cream cheese or eggs + ham or tuna salad or turkey or whitefish salad or with just cucumber, tomato, salt and pepper. While living in San Francisco after college, I would buy the traditional Italian sandwiches in our neighborhood that used that delightful, crusty bread. And of course I’d eat the toasted 7-grain veggie-stuffed sandwiches from our local health food store, too. I liked all varieties of bread...

I stopped eating wheat and gluten in the year 2000 for health reasons and have rarely eaten it since. I don’t miss it. I promise. And I don’t shame anyone else for eating it. Mazel and enjoy if that’s what you choose. I am the last one to judge you. I was recently out with a friend and she ordered a sandwich on that crusty, amazing bread. In this stage of the game, I am so way past the point of craving something like that and happily appreciated watching her enjoy the meal.

What does turn me on though are wraps that are wheat and gluten-free and filled with vibrant, plant-based goodness. One of my favorite bread-free alternative wraps these days is from a company called WrawPs. The original flavor is my go-to. WrawPs are wheat-free, gluten-free, paleo, raw (dehydrated to retain the nutritional value) and vegan. Pictured was a recipe I recently made for my beloved clients while working with them in Switzerland. I stuffed the WrawPs with a bean-free, zucchini-based hummus, tons of raw veggies, and soft mache greens. It was delicious and as satisfying as any other conventional sandwich out there. 

Except way healthier.