Photo by michelle pesce goldfarb

Photo by michelle pesce goldfarb

Many years ago my dear friend, Adina Niemerow, who lived in San Francisco at the time, flew to NYC for 6- months to study at The Natural Gourmet (with THE Anne Marie Colbin) and refine her skills as a whole foods chef. Adina was a major early adopter. We are talking way before kale and juicing and even yoga and social media and blogging became a thing. We are talking before the year 2000!

I was one of her biggest fans and had been already for several years. I loved how she used food as medicine. I was fascinated with the nutritional aspect of a fresh green juice. I wanted to know more about the energy of plants. All things she had been digesting, seeking, incorporating, testing, and implementing.

But I wasn’t ready (to work in holistic health) just yet. I apparently still needed to log more time in the fashion industry and then go into the real estate business for a hot minute. So for the time being, Adina lived with me while she went to school and I lived vicariously through her. And got to eat a lot of her homework. When she graduated, she obviously went back to the West Coast to continue her illustrious career. But before taking off, she left something behind, a Wusthof 8-inch Cook’s Knife. 

To this day, I am unsure if she left it on purpose to inspire me or if she just plum forgot it (note to self: call Adina and inquire). Either way, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I started using it. Cut to 2008, I was a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for 2 years already and was setting up a little photo shoot for what was then my first website. I needed a knife for one of the shots. My trusty Wusthof was looking a little worn at this point.

So I dashed out and bought a Global Knife upon the suggestion of a chef friend. It was perfect for the shoot and I’ve used it almost daily ever since. It is stainless steel, sharp, strong, lightweight, and beautiful in design.

I highly recommend getting at least one or a set. A sharp knife literally takes the experience of your time in the kitchen from fair to amazing! Global Knives are listed in The Pantry Cure Foundation Kitchen Appliance PDF I give to my clients.

Having the right foundational kitchen appliances is absolutely essential for optimal health. 

Happy chopping!