• Optimizing your race + having that edge to breakthrough your goals.
  • Having a trusted nutrition adviser with over ten years experience by your side every step of the way while you train, offering expert guidance and support.
  • Feeling healthier by using highly nutrient-dense (and delicious) food as fuel.
  • Learning about the best, most current whole food supplements and herbs on the market and how to incorporate into the plan to get results.
  • Training with more energy than you’ve ever had in your life.
  • Running your best marathon time. 
  • Recovering easier and faster than ever before.



I will be your food trainer for the 8-weeks prior to your race and engineer the most efficient plan, offer sage advice, and give enthusiastic support.

We will have 1-session per week (8 in total) via phone, FaceTime, or Skype + you will have unlimited email access to me in-between our sessions for the duration of your program.

OPTIONAL (yet highly recommended if you live in or near NYC
THE ASH CENTER | FOOD ALLERGY TESTING – The Ash Center in Manhattan offers the most accurate food allergy and sensitivity blood tests to uncover which foods may be causing silent inflammation.

• The Method of Eating
• Key Holistic Practices for training
• Targeted whole food supplements + herbs
• Race snacks
• Recovery time | why less acidity = quicker recovery time
• Review / Q&A (4 sessions)

• General food plan, including easy and delicious recipes
• Online resources for ordering recommended products
• Relevant blog posts and reference documents
• Resources for healthy food delivery (NYC-only)
• Referrals for my favorite holistic practitioners
• Text and email access in-between sessions






4-Week Program available to get you in the zone right before the marathon...

12-Week Program available for SUPERIOR results and recovery…




As a holistic nutrition consultant and clean living expert, I'm in love with finding practices and products that promote elevation. 

Since 2005, I’ve been tasting, testing, and vetting the very best organic food companies, supplement brands, herbal remedies, tonics, green juices, and beyond — all in an effort to put life-generating nutrients into my body and yours.

I’ve studied with world-renowned health leaders over the years and have guided hundreds of clients along the way. When creating programs specifically designed for athletes, I incorporate insights about the importance of cleansing the body of toxins and apply fundamental principles to help athletes increase their performance and reach their goals.

I’ve been privileged to work with:
• Private clients in the U.S. and internationally
• NYC-based wellness centers: The Ash Center, Evolved Science, Vitality NYC, The Piper Center
• Juice bars: Organic Avenue, The Butcher’s Daughter, Juice Press
• Private chefs: creating food and cleansing plans, recipe development
• Start-up wellness businesses
• Stacey Griffith, Master SoulCycle instructor, as the Nutrition contributor of her latest book Two Turns From Zero. 

Stacey Griffith

"Now that I'm two weeks removed from what was arguably my best run race to date, I wanted to give a strong shout out to my friend and holistic nutrition consultant Meredith Geller for her incredible counsel and guidance in the 7-weeks leading up to the Vermont 100. Meredith was my marathon-focused food trainer, nutrition expert, and a phenomenal healthy lifestyle resource that helped put me on a great path for success. For anyone who wants to perform better, I can't recommend Meredith enough."

- Matt Klein  |  7 time 100-mile Ultra Marathon Runner since 2012 and Marathon Runner since 2006


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